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Upcoming Tour Dates

January 10, 2020 1-3pm ~ APAP
West Ballroom, New York Hilton Midtown

Jan 22, 29, Feb 9 (with rumba trio), 16, 23 and Mar 1 (with rumba trio) 2020 8pm ~ Cafe Bohemia
15 Barrow Street in the West Village

January 23, 2020 7pm ~ Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen Street in Soho

May 11-15, 2020 ~ Mountain Songwriting Retreat
Capon Springs, WV

Recent Tour History

December 20, 2019 8pm ~ Cafe Bohemia NYC
New York City, NY

Small World Music Center
Ready to Rumba!! Musical Chairs with trio (Max Pollak & Nicki Denner)
Saturday Nov 16, 2019 – 2 shows
6pm (530pm doors)
9pm (830pm doors)
180 Shaw St, Toronto ONT M6J 2W5
Ticket $25 adv/$30 door

Michelle’s Tour History







Jul ’84 Arrested at Democratic AND Republican National Conventions – “Fogtown” from Short Sharp Shocked

Dec ’84 New York City, imagine that!


Oct ’86 5 a.m. in Amsterdam single released on Cooking Vinyl

Nov ’86 Kerrville Folk Festival bootleg released on Cooking Vinyl – “Fogtown” from Texas Campfire Tapes


Feb ’87 Texas Campfire Tapes hits #1 in the UK indie charts – “5 a.m. in Amsterdam” on The Tube

Apr ’87 “Disoriented” single released on Cooking Vinyl

’87-’89 Living in London on a narrowboat on the Thames – “Fred’s Winter Song” from Texas Campfire Takes


July ’88 “If Love was a Train” single released to college radio

Aug ’88 Short Sharp Shocked released on PolyGram (Universal) – “Graffiti Limbo” 

Sep ’88 “Anchorage” hits Billboard Top 100

Nov ’88 “When I Grow Up” released as a single on PolyGram (Universal)

Nov ’88 “Waiting for the Great Leap Forward” with Billy Bragg & Spearhead’s Michael Franti at the Dominion Theatre, London

’88 Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Folk Album – “Memories of East Texas” from Short Sharp Shocked


Jan ’89 CBC National TV’s Pilot 1

Oct ’89 Captain Swing released on PolyGram (Universal) – “Streetcorner Ambassador”

’89 – ’94 Living in Los Angeles, on a houseboat in the harbor – “Must Be Luff” from Captain Swing


Feb ’90 “My Little Sister” single released from Captain Swing Revue live concert video – feat. Pete Anderson

Mar ’90 “On the Greener Side” single hits MTV heavy rotation

Mar ’90 “Water is Wide” with the Indigo Girls on MTV


A Few Notes on Arkansas Traveler


Apr ’92 Arkansas Traveler released on PolyGram (Universal) – “Prodigal Daughter”

May ’92 “Come a Long Way” single hits Billboard Top 100

Jul ’92 Married to journalist Bart Bull – “Over the Waterfall” from Arkansas Traveler

’92 Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Folk Album – “Shaking Hands” from Arkansas Traveler


’93 Legal troubles begin – “Winter Wheat” from Kind Hearted Woman

’93 Lawsuit filed against PolyGram, citing violation of 13th Amendment – “Laundry Day” from Artists Make Lousy Slaves


Mar ’94 Kind Hearted Woman (demo version) released as a limited edition on Michelle’s Mood Swing label – “Stillborn”

’94 – ’99 Living in a Creole cottage in New Orleans’ Vieux Carre – “Homestead” from Kind Hearted Woman


Dec ’95 “Quality of Mercy” released on Dead Man Walking soundtrack on Columbia


Apr ’96 Artists Make Lousy Slaves released as a limited edition on Michelle’s Mood Swing label – “Drip Dry”

Aug ’96 Legal settlement with PolyGram, Michelle retains ownership of masters – “Eddie” from Kind Hearted Woman

Aug ’96 “Hard Way” released as a single on Private Music

Sep ’96 Kind Hearted Woman (studio version) released on Private Music label – “Silver Spoon”

Sep ’96 Mercury Poise released per terms of the Universal legal settlement – “Fever Breaks” from Kind Hearted Woman


Sabbatical and baptism – “Holy Spirit” from Sweet Relief

“Communities in Crisis” Greenpeace Environmental Justice Campaign


Mar ’98 Good News released as a limited edition on Michelle’s Mood Swing label – “Good News”

May ’98 Michelle appears as a guest on NBC’s Dharma & Greg


’99-’09 Living in a Craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles – “Picoesque” from Deep Natural

Dec ’99 performs “Thirty Songs in Thirty Days” at NYC’s Bottom Line – “That’s So Amazing” from Deep Natural


Sep ’01 Michelle launches her Mighty Sound label – “Peachfuzz” from Deep Natural

Dub Natural released as a limited edition on the Mighty Sound label – “Can’t Take My Dub” 


Apr ’02 Deep Natural (with Dub Natural) released as a two-CD set on Mighty Sound – “What Can I Say?” from Deep Natural


Apr ’03 “You’re Working Hard to Put Food on Your Family” from Songs in the Key of W – feat. Sen. Al Franken

Apr ’03 Texas Campfire Takes reissue released on Mighty Sound – “Chain Smoker” 

Sep ’03 Short Sharp Shocked reissue released on Mighty Sound – “Campus Crusade”


Feb ’04 Captain Swing reissue released on Mighty Sound – “Barefootin’ “

Mar ’04 “How You Play the Game” from Bush’s Brain documentary soundtrack

Sep ’04 Arkansas Traveler reissue released on Mighty Sound – “Blackberry Blossom”


June ’05 Threesome, a 3-CD set released on Mighty Sound – “Goodbye”

Jun ’05 Don’t Ask Don’t Tell released on Mighty Sound – “Don’t Ask”

Jun ’05 Mexican Standoff released on Mighty Sound – “Wanted Man” at ASCAP Expo with Jimmy Webb, John Rich, J.D. Souther

Jun ’05 Got No Strings released on Mighty Sound – “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” featuring Ms Otis


“Lovely Rita” from Sargeant Pepper Knew My Father compilation

“One Piece at a Time” from ‘Til Things Get Brighter compilation

“House Burning Down” from Blue Haze compilation

“Strange Things Happening Every Day” from Shout Sister Shout compilation


Mar ’07 “Yes God is Real” ministered at West Angeles Cathedral in Los Angeles

Sep ’07 ToHeavenURide released on Mighty Sound – “Quality of Mercy” live at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival


“Wichita Lineman” from Lounge-a-palooza compilation

“Oh Susannah” from Beautiful Dreamer” Grammy award-winning compilation

“Paper in My Shoe” from Creole Bred compilation

“Flying Lesson” from Big Blues compilation


Jan ’09 Club Pillows presents the launch of 5-year Roadworks to introduce Indelible Women

Aug ’09 “Pompeii” from Soul of My Soul released as a single on Mighty Sound

Sep ’09 Soul of My Soul released on Mighty Sound – “Other People”

Sep ’09 “Liquid Prayer” from Soul of My Soul released as a single on Mighty Sound

Sep ’09 “Giantkiller” from Soul of My Soul released as a single on Mighty Sound

Oct ’09 “There Through It All” ministered at West Angeles Cathedral in Los Angeles


Roadworks 2010: American Idle

Living in a loft in Downtown LA



Mar ’11 We Are Wisconsin Rally feat. Michael Moore

Oct ’11 Ep 1 Roadworks 2011: 25 Years with the Campfire Girl

Nov ’11 Ep 2 Roadworks 2011: 25 Years with the Campfire Girl

Dec ’11 Ep 3 Roadworks 2011: 25 Years with the Campfire Girl


Feb ’12 Ep 4 Roadworks 2012: Roccupy!!

Mar ’12 Ep 5 Roadworks 2012: Roccupy!!

Mar ’12 Occupy Fights Foreclosure M6 Music with Michelle Shocked – “Ballad of Blanca Cardenas”

Apr ’12 Ep 6 Roadworks 2012: Roccupy!!

May ’12 Ep 7 Roadworks 2012: Roccupy!!

Nov ’12 The Shot Heard ‘Round the World i.e. someoneiusedtolike


Jan ’13 Sheet Music Campaign feat. “I Will Be Loved” (Marilyn’s Song) from Indelible Women

Jan ’13 Ep 11 Roadworks 2013: Celebrating 25 Years of Short Sharp Shocked

Feb ’13 Ep 12 Roadworks 2013: Celebrating 25 Years of Short Sharp Shocked

Mar ’13 Ep 13 Roadworks 2013: Celebrating 25 Years of Short Sharp Shocked

Apr ’13 Ep 14 Roadworks 2013: Celebrating 25 Years of Short Sharp Shocked

May ’13 Michelle Shocked at Portland’s Alberta Rose Theatre


Inaudible Women  (“Spot Loves Spotify”)

“Art Matters” from the album Inaudible Women

Truth Versus Reality” with @MShockedRox

Michelle Shocked’s Bootleg This! Truth VS Reality by Perrin Blackman








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For me the rallying cry has become: Subvert! Subvert! Use the media against itself; use the industry against itself.