Midsummer Dreams

Cher bon vivants,
I’m not going to sugarcoat this, I’ve found the sweet spot here in Manhattan on my east coast sojourn. A millennial church, Movement NYC, is where Sister Shocked calls home these days, and you can find me practicing tai chi on the Highline, taking salsa lessons in the East Village, last night it was gazpacho (not as good as mine & Kevin’s!) at a bistro in Soho and barre hopping every single evening on Spring Street.While midsummer dreams swelter in place, my Mercury Trilogy ventures apace. The June City Winery tour with Short Sharp Shocked producer Pete Anderson’s Trio was a burst of verve and brio, ending in a bright crescendo at the Kessler Theater in Dallas where we woke up to this headline in the Dallas Morning News.

Well, enough said, wouldn’t you say? Precious Lord, lead me on! July’s City Winery Captain Swing lineup features legendary Texan gypsy jazz musician Slim Richey’s scion, Tommy Richey, making his national debut, and a reunion with jazz trumpeter Rich “Spitty” Armstrong is a sure thrill that will fill the bill.I’m introducing a new feature at my shows this summer, I call them Michelle Sox™ and they work like a charm to keep gadgets in check while the show goes on. After the gig, they are also available for purchase as a pair.

The Shocked Shop, soon back online at my website, will feature streaming, downloads, other cool Shocked sh*t, an Artist Rights resource center with copyright education and anti-bootlegging propaganda as well as a blogsite. Meanwhile, a few feature upgrades include this highlight, a Neck of the Woods interactive map of East Texas, so check it out.
Next month I launch my one-woman iteration of Truth vs Reality in Edinburgh’s Playhouse at The Boards to retell the tale of a few career exploits, kerfuffles, shenaningans and conflagrations, including my 1992 SXSW keynote address where I dropped a blackface minstrelsy bombshell on an unsuspecting hipster herd and got myself blacklisted for almost six years. Oh, you thought my 2013 San Francisco “Yoshi Didn’t!” episode was the first time I spoke truth to power? Think again. I am often an innocent bystander to my own genius, and this show is no exception. Onward with the #AllianceOfDefiance!
Last month, with a little help from my anti-folk friends, we launched an undercover debut as “Leaky Lou & The Whistleblowers” out on Governor’s Island for a little startup festival with big dreams, called PorchStomp.

Leaky Lou is my bright idea to support the efforts of a brilliant investigative journalist named Timothy Shorrock. Leak Culture is his work in progress, (and while I’m on the subject, Yasha Levine’s Surveillance Valley, is now available for presale,) so just wait until you get your hands on these guys writing. They’re the real heavies. My relatively minor copyfight skirmish pales in comparison to what these guys are up against, when it comes to censorship, suppression of dissent and whistleblowing.
In October I’m returning to Havana with maestro Ned Sublette, the brilliant author of Cuba and it’s Music and host of NPR’s AfroPop, for a whirlwind survey of rhumba and drums. There may be some available openings to join the group in case you’ve got the itch.Enough already. More to come. Until then, keep the faith and keep on rocking. I promise I will if you will.
ChelRecommended Reading
The Black Box Society by Frank Pasquale
Spies for Hire by Timothy Shorrock
Move Fast & Break Things by Jonathan Taplin
What’s Yours is Mine by Tom Slee
How Music Got Free by Stephen Witt
When Google Met Wikileaks by Julian Assange
Shakespeare Insults
Cuba and its Music by Ned Sublette
American Slave Coast by Ned & Constance Sublette
The Smear by Sharyl Attkisson
Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil
Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine

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