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  1. Re Archive Project:

    Best Beloveds,
    First and foremost, thank you all for your support with my archive effort. I asked for help, and to my amazed delight, the Magnificent Eleven answered my plea. So thank you.
    I’ve organized this initial missive, with a point of contact, Jan, and an anchor, Les.
    Jan is one of my dearest friends, we met in 1993 after I performed in Dranouter, Belgium and over the years our relationship has grown from fan to friend to confidante. I always say “You get the audience you deserve,” and I deserve Jan!
    He has volunteered to help coordinate this effort despite admitting he has no more knowledge about the effort than any of you, so please be gentle with him!
    Les is our “expert,” which is to say, he’s been behind the scenes with the Joni Mitchell Archive, so at least he has experience and some technical details to offer, and is generous with his time for my own attempt at building an online archive.
    I hope to create some kind of chatroom or forum where all of you can share tips and notes on your own OCR efforts, and where Jan can coordinate with Les to answer your questions, but I confess I don’t have a clear idea which platform is suitable for this purpose and welcome your suggestions – honestly? please discuss among yourselves and decide where you are all most comfortable chatting and I promise I will check in on the conversation from time to time wherever you decide.
    [Note – let’s try this WordPress forum and see how it goes?]
    So more to come soon, but in the meantime Les says, “It’s fully functional right now and hopefully self-explanatory.” This link: https://michelleshocked.com/bio/ takes you to this link https://sisotowbell.com/archiveproject/
    Welcome to jump right in.
    Love, Michelle

    1. Wayne Phillips

      Hey great, been frustrating not being able to find your music.
      I hope this works out well for you.
      You song helped keep my lonely old farmhouse warm back in the day.

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