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Riveting and real

New wave of talented women on center stage

by Steve Morse
The Chicago Tribune
July 31, 1988
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If you like music without any kind of coating, you might enjoy Michelle Shocked’s The Texas Campfire Tapes, released last year on the tiny Brit label Cooking Vinyl—and newly released on PolyGram Records.

Shocked is a winsomely eccentric folkie who peoples her songs with off-beat characters such as Ruby the Hooker, Patch Eye and Meg. Her album, Dylan inflections and all, became a sensation in England, attaining No. 1 on the indy charts. This was partly due to its novelty of being recorded on a skimpy Sony Walkman backstage at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. The album isn’t as original as some British writers have claimed, but does come with a different twist in the ambient cricket sounds from its woodsy recording site.

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