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Tuesday March 19 at KGB Bar Red Room
Time: 10pm
Tickets: $5 each

Grab your seat for an outstanding evening as Les Chocolats’ shapeshifter-chanteuse Michelle Shocked strides her new song cycle, Musical Chairs.

Sit back and remember that time in the 80s when you heard the initial strains of Paul Simon’s Graceland, his ode to organized global resistance against South African apartheid, or that moment in the 90s when the romance of Ry Cooder’s Buena Vista Social Club first drifted across your latte.

Now buckle up your seatbelt as Michelle Shocked shifts gears on “Musical Chairs: A Comparsa for Artist Rights.” Intrepid does not begin to describe it. Back from a war-torn front with crazy talk of the fast-growing underground movement for artist rights, she shares wild-eyed musical misadventures in sequestered solars and crowded calles; a pitch-perfect synthesis of her copyfight bête noire, (think Moby Dick, but instead of a giant whale, Google and Amazon) and rumba idioms of Cuba Vieja. We’re talking guaguanco, yambu, mozambique, son, changui, guaracha and yes, even a little boogaloo.

Though the release won’t be available for another year, Michelle is eager to share the work with select friends who might appreciate the audacity of her latest studio effort.  Better yet, come join the comparsa!

please note all Red Room events are 21 and over and there is a 2 drink minimum.

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Tues, March 19, 7:30pm the evening begins with:

Join Tony Perrottet in conversation with T.J. English about his bestseller The Corporation, a gripping tale of gangsters, drugs, violence, sex and murder that has been dubbed “a Cuban version of The Godfather” by Deadline Hollywood.
By the mid-1980s, the American underworld was a vicious melting pot of powerful criminal tribes. The most feared was the Cuban mob. This organization of exiles, ruthlessly led by a kingpin named “Battle”, was so cold-blooded it was known on both sides of the law as “The Corporation”. Drawing on first-hand accounts and deep research, and with the blistering prose that established him as “America’s top chronicler of organized crime”, T.J. English’s The Corporation reveals how a generation of Cuban refugees, racketeers, corrupt cops, hitmen, and their families got caught up in a very American saga of empire building, criminal enterprise and revolution.
Now to be adapted into a film, with Benicio Del Toro to star.
7.30 — welcome rum cocktail
8.00 — discussion
8.45 — mafia-themed belly-dancing by the Two Laurens
9.45 — comparsa! with Les Chocolats


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At one time I was a nihilistic punk with a mohican and a ring in my nose. I think in the course of time I’ll find a middle ground, but I also carry that sense of responsibility. I’m in a position to defeat stereotypes.