February 7, 2013

“I Will be Loved” by Shocked inspired by Monroe Portrait Gives Fans Rare Treat for Romantic Holiday
LOS ANGELES — Singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked publishes an original new score, “I Will be Loved” – as sheet music— just in time for Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 14th.

The composition – inspired by a striking portrait of Marilyn Monroe created by painter David Willardson—from Shocked’s as-yet-unrecorded songs comes out as part of a 10-part series, titled Indelible Women, and is now available only through Shocked’s website.

The publication of the Marilyn-inspired score jumpstarts both Shocked’s work-in-progress Indelible Women and the 25-Year Anniversary tour of her studio debut album, Short Sharp Shocked.  [See itinerary below].

Fans know the acclaimed picker-poet, Michelle Shocked, best for her song “Anchorage” from the critically acclaimed album, Short Sharp Shocked, released in 1988. Fans know David Willardson best for illustrating a “new look” for Disney’s animated movie posters and for his version of Disney characters.

Fans know Marilyn Monroe best as an iconic blonde bombshell.

For their collaboration, Shocked and Willardson created a mixed-media art project, Indelible Women, which includes 10 striking portraits and songs of perhaps the most iconic females from the previous century, including Marilyn MonroeAudrey HepburnElla FitzgeraldFrida Kahlo, Virginia Woolf, Georgia O’Keefe,Billie HolidayAmelia EarhartAnne Frank, and Michelle Shocked, herself.

I always knew I would be beautiful if I were loved”, sings Shocked from the Marilyn-inspired song.

So far, the folk-rock-Americana pioneer, Michelle Shocked has only played these Indelible Women songs live during her Roadworks concerts in recent years and in brief segments of her Tubeletters (video newsletters). Few have heard these songs performed in their entirety, until now.

The travelling troubadour, Michelle Shocked intends to publish only 500 hand-numbered limited-edition copies of one score of sheet music per month, beginning with the composition for Marilyn’s portrait, “I Will be Loved” in February and ending with a complete songbook in December.

“Marilyn’s song is one of the most romantic in the Indelible Women series,” states Shocked, “so we’re publishing it for the most romantic holiday of the year.”

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Michelle Shocked will offer the “I Will Be Loved” sheet music for $5.00  along with a free Valentine’s Day gift to her fans – Marilyn’s lips, illustrated by Willardson for the sheet music project.

I am publishing this sheet music so that music lovers all around the world can share the joy of creativity,” states Michelle Shocked, “Especially if they can read sheet music.”

Shocked, herself, does not read sheet music but that has not stopped her from creating compelling compositions.

Those interested in learning more can watch Michelle Shocked’s short video. Those interested in getting a copy of the sheet music and free Valentine’s Day gift can email