Yamboree Queen

Yamboree Queen
You are the prettiest gal I’ve ever seen
Jump down from your throne, come and sit by me, baby
I’m your sweet potato man
Yes I yam yes I yam

Athens, Texas has a Black-Eyed Pea Queen
I suppose Brussels has a Brussel Sprout Queen
But on down in Gilmer we make sweet potato pie
And it will really knock you out
So I’m going down to Gilmer if I have to walk
I’m going to sweet talk that sweet thing
With my sweet potato talk
And before the night is over
I’m gonna have me some sweet potato pie yes I yam

Now the Buckeye Band is playing on the square
To the strains of Sweet Adeline
And I’m going back for just one more helping of
That sweet potato pie (mighty fine!)
And the Yamboree Queen
She’s sitting right next to me
We’re like two sweet potatoes sitting on a vine
And I’m gonna make her my sweet potato wife
And she’s gonna make me sweet potato pie all the time

Short Sharp Shocked (Mighty Sound 2003)

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Fact is that the original source for a lot of the bluegrass music me and my father used to listen to was minstrel coon songs.