Why Do I Get the Feeling?

You take my hand in yours, give a little squeeze
I’m so glad to see we both agree
I’ve been meaning to tell you these things for such a long while
It really means a lot to see your sympathetic smile

You watch my mouth and my lips look so sweet
You wonder what a tender kiss would do
Would they tremble, would they melt
Would they push against your own
Or would they part and softly moan

Why do I get the feeling you’re not listening to me?
You haven’t heard a word I said
Why do I get the feeling you’re not listening to me?
You haven’t heard a single word

My eyes are bright and you watch them shine
Is it a fire that could warm you tonight?
Or a wicked little flicker that could burn you bad, baby?
A spark and a flash that could make you believe
It’s a glint of tenderness or a streak of cruelty

By the time that I’ve told you all the things I’ve had to say
I’m feeling so relieved, I give a little sigh
And the swell of my breast arouses such tenderness
So you pull me to your chest and start to kiss me
From the bottom to the top

Why do I get the feeling?
Oh, why do I get the feeling?

Good News (Mood Swing 1998)  / Deep Natural / Dub Natural (Mighty Sound 2002)

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Because I wrote songs for the love of it for so long I can say ‘I am a songwriter and whether I make money from it or not, I’m still going to write songs because its one of my favorite things to do.’ The fact that it becomes a recording is secondary, it’s not a motivation.