Weaving Way

You had a little drink
Your (F) friends have (C) all (G) gone
(F) Leaving (C) (G) you to find your weaving (D)way (G)home

(F) What more (C) can I (G) do?
There’s a (F) chance (C) that I (G) may
Have to (F) stand back and (C) watch you (G) find
Your own (D) weaving (G) way

It’s (F) not (C) the way you (G) talk
That’s (F) making (C) me (G) grieve
It’s (F) not the (C) way you (G) walk
It’s the (D) way that you (G) weave

It’s (F) eating (C) you (G) inside
Then (F) tossed out (C) like (G) a bone
(F) Leaving (C) (G) you to find your weaving (D) way (G) home

The (F)sun on (C) the (G) horizon
Was (F) turning (C) dawn to (G) day
(F) By the (C) time you (G) finally found your own (D) weaving (G) way

Oh, I (F) love the (C) way you (G) laugh
When I (F) ask (C) you to (G) leave
I (F)swear that (C) I don’t (G) love you for the way (D) that you (G) weave

Forgive (D) me, my (G) friend
Did I (D) forget to (G) mention?
The path that (D) you have (G) chosen
Is paved with (D) your (G) intentions
Touch a finger (D) to your (G) nose
I (D) wish you (G) well
Walk a (D) straight (G) line on the road (D) to (G) hell

Arkansas Traveler (Mercury 1992) / Arkansas Traveler (Mighty Sound 2004)

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The real goal I’m working toward is to do something to help integrate the African and European influences of American music. I think at one time inthe history of popular music they were coming together naturally. The record companies have created a false sense of segregation. It may seem impossible to tear down, but it’s something I’m looking forward to as a life’s work.