Wanted Man

key of [G]

Leaving town while I still can
Going down to the Yucatan
And become a wanted man
It happens that fast
Saying my goodbyes
Now mama don’t you go and cry
I’ve got to try and live without a past

Shined my shoes dressed the soles
Only cost five pesos
At this rate the money goes
Twice as far
Attencion, Senor
Mas cerveza por favor
A rolling stone gathers his thoughts
In a Mexican bar

I admit all I know
Is the little that he told
But between you and me it’s best
Between the lines
Although I swear I heard him say
There’d been a fiancee
Convicted of his love
If not his crime

We are condemned by our own hand
A fugitive will understand
So forget everything you can
What’s in a name?
But sure as the Word made flesh
The soul will confess
And this cup passes before us all the same

Mexican Standoff (Mighty Sound 2005)

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I told the executives at Mercury, ‘Hey, you’re dealing with an artist who can do gospel in very surprising ways.’ They asked me, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to make an acoustic album?’