Wanted Man

key of [G]

Leaving town while I still can
Going down to the Yucatan
And become a wanted man
It happens that fast
Saying my goodbyes
Now mama don’t you go and cry
I’ve got to try and live without a past

Shined my shoes dressed the soles
Only cost five pesos
At this rate the money goes
Twice as far
Attencion, Senor
Mas cerveza por favor
A rolling stone gathers his thoughts
In a Mexican bar

I admit all I know
Is the little that he told
But between you and me it’s best
Between the lines
Although I swear I heard him say
There’d been a fiancee
Convicted of his love
If not his crime

We are condemned by our own hand
A fugitive will understand
So forget everything you can
What’s in a name?
But sure as the Word made flesh
The soul will confess
And this cup passes before us all the same

Mexican Standoff (Mighty Sound 2005)

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As I look back over my life, before I had any real identity, I was a traveler. I grew up an Army brat, a runaway, an activist, and a musician. All my life I’ve been traveling.