Too Little Too Late

Too little too (C) late
Don’t you tell me how (F) it used to be
I’ve seen the record and (G) it clearly reads
To date, too little (C) too late

Too little too late
Don’t you talk about the way things was
Bringing roses and the turtle doves don’t rate
Too little too late

I should have (F) known that it was now (C) or
Never but (F) good things come to (C) those who wait
When nothing (F) came but the (C) eleventh (A7) hour
I said “Honey I’m (D7) taking the liberty (G)
To liberate myself”

Too little too late
Then was then but now is now
If I don’t call you can just learn how to wait
Too little too late
Too late

Captain Swing (Mercury 1989) / Captain Swing (Mighty Sound 2004)

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Writing and singing does give me some kind of release from the demons of my past, it is a therapy of sorts, but to be honest, my marriage played a more important role in the acceptance of myself than performance has ever done.