The 4/4 Troubador

key of [G]

Did I tell you the story of the 4/4 troubadour
The traveling tramp
The barefoot bum?
Did I tell you the story of the carefree gypsy
The hitching hobo
The rich man’s son?

Last seen hitching down the Whitehorse Highway
Picking on a guitar
Waiting on a ride
He’s been running on steam since he was sixteen
Now the daddy wants to see the boy
Before he dies

Did I tell you the story of the poor man’s daughter
Or the poor man’s lover
Or the poor man’s ward?
Did I tell you the story of the poor man’s hired hand?
She keeps his house for her room and board

Last seen hitching at the edge of town
She had a sign that said
‘Anywhere But Here’
Now she never found a job where she was not fired
But she never found a town where she was not hired

That’s all

Texas Campfire Tapes (Cooking Vinyl 1987) / Texas Campfire Takes (Mighty Sound 2003)

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No one’s ever been able to define blues. To me, blues is three chords and something to say. There’s a real temptation to think that blues is singing about misery and sorrow. It’s singing about your experiences, and what I find in blues is the message of hope and inspiration, because you may be singing about your misery, but the fact that you’re singing, that’s the real message.