key of [Gm]

Sitting on a subway reading all about it
Another bold face lying headline, I don’t doubt it
This fascination with character assasination
When all you really have in this life is your reputation

It’s your life, it’s their story
It’s your pain, it’s their gain
It’s your shame, it’s their glory
It’s their claim to your fame and your name is fair game

It’s black and white and read all over
Inquiring Minds still wanna know ya
It’s in the Sun, it’s in the Moon, it’s in the Star
It’s not what you know, it’s who you are

I’m not trying to warn ya
I’m just trying to scare ya
Trial by media is trial by error
Matters of fact have no weight
Long live the late great fourth estate

Good News (Mood Swing 1998)

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People used to say I had the starving artist look, but it was real. Not because I was anorexic or anything, but just because I didn’t have money for food. I did get ill but I had more of a mental illness than a physical illness.