Streetcorner Ambassador

I (Gm) keep a pile of pennies in the pocket of my pants
I pay my toll to the sidewalk troll
My entrance fee to street romance
Oh streetcorner ambassador this city treats you well
Supplies the finest newsprint sheets
The penthouse suite, Park Bench Hotel

Conferring with the delegates around imported port
Important issues of the day, say “Unity will buy a quart”
Oh streetcorner ambassador keeps highbrow company
They drink the finest of liqueur at the A Train Embassy

And it’s toss (Gm) into the (C7) old tin cup
A (Gm) shiny copper pen (C7) ny
(Gm) Sing along that (A7) old refrain (D)
“Can you (C) spare a (Bb) little change, (Gm) man?
Can you (C) spare just a (Bb) little change?”(Gm)

The cop said “Move on or I’m gonna take you to the shelter”
She beat a quick retreat that’s how he knew that he had helped her
Oh streetcorner ambassador it seems so clear to me
The more you are ignored it’s called ‘diplomatic immunity’

Now if you find my money on the street you let it be
Consider it my joint account with one who really needs it
Oh streetcorner ambassador
Back from Vietnam or up from the south
Those patronizing liberals
Took the words out of your mouth

Captain Swing (Mercury 1989) / Captain Swing (Mighty Sound 2004)

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