Strawberry Jam

Saturday morning found me itching
To (A7) get on over to (D) my grandma’s kitchen
Where the sweetest little berries (E7) was cooking up right
And then we’d (A7) put them in a canning jar (D) and seal them up tight

We were making (E7) jam (A7)
Strawberry jam
If you want the best (E7) jam (A7)
You’ve gotta make (D) your own

We (D) have Smucker’s, (E7) Welches, Knotts Berry Farm
But a little (A7) homemade jam never (D) did a body no harm
A little local motion (E) is all that we need
To (A7) close down these corporate(D) jam factories

We have a little revolution (E7) sweeping the land
Once (A7) more everybody’s (D) making homemade jam
So call your friends up on (E7) the telephone
(A7) Invite ’em over, make (D) some jam of your own

Arkansas Traveler (Mercury 1992) / Arkansas Traveler (Mighty Sound 2004)
Short Sharp Shocked (Mighty Sound 2003)

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