Silver Spoon

key of [G]

If you’re asking me to name this tune
I may say it’s ‘Silver Spoon’ or I may
Smile and say ‘Hey hey’

You know I never really found a way
To talk about the things you said about me
Ah, yeah, but that’s okay

Because when I hold my hands out like so, you see
I’m holding what’s inside of me, just so you know
They’re not empty
They’re full of laughter, they’re full of
Dignity and all else above
They’re full of love, ah yeah, hey hey

I’ve never played with a poker face
I’ve got my heart on my sleeve
My one ace in the hole is the silver spoon in my soul

Hate is like a hurricane
It spins you like a weathervane
A forecast tune
Love is like a falling rain
It washes away the hurt and pain
And pretty soon I’m catching the drops in my silver spoon

As I lie here in the bed I’ve made
Outside my window shines the moon
Looking for all the world like a silver spoon

Kind Hearted Woman (Mood Swing 1994) / (Private Music 1996)

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Very complicated truths are conveyed through very simple melodies.