Silent Ways

When you (G) asked me
Michelle, do you (G7) love me?
(C) I did not know what to say
So I just (D7) laid down beside you
and (C) loved you in a silent(G) way (D7)

And when you asked me
To forgive you
For all your cheating days
I just laid down beside you
And forgave you in a silent way

(C) Oh, silence is golden
And words are made (G) of (G7) lead
And in the (D7) alchemy of love
Some (C) things are better left (G7) unsaid (D7)

And when you told me
You were leaving me
I did not ask you to stay
But my eyes told no lies
And my tears fell in a silent way

Captain Swing (Mercury 1989) / Captain Swing (Mighty Sound 2004)

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I was more daunted by the change of going from being an activist squatter to going to an independent label. That was the real change for me.