Russian Roulette

I need this (C7) hopeless feeling
Like I need a (G7) hole in my head
Give up my (C7) whole days wages
To get this (G7) hole in the wall
I call a (C7) holster that is empty
Just a gun to the (G7) head
I am a (D7) holy roller (C7)
I’m playing Russian (G) Roulette

(C7) I’ve been told gambling’s (G) a sin
I’m gonna (C7) place my bet
I’m gonna play (G) to win
(C7) Yes I’m sure it’s a cure for the (G) blues
You (D7) lose you win (C7), you win (G) you lose

I cried “Oh sweet Lord”
But there’s no hope in praying
Somebody hold me tight
I’m in a whole lot of pain
I’ll be a whole lot older
When this day is done
I say Russian Roulette
Is just a hole in one

Captain Swing (Mercury 1989) / Captain Swing (Mighty Sound 2004)

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They gave me a shot of Thorazine, a real fascist drug. Your neck’s going like this [she flaps her head in an ugly untogether fashion] and if youdidn’t think you were crazy before, you’ll think you’re crazy then. It’s what you call a mental straitjacket – much more liberal than a straitjacket you can see.