key of [A]

Peachfuzz had a friendly face
Too friendly for his own good
Used to hang out at Ricky’s Place
That was a joint in my neighborhood
Gameboy lit his cigarettes
But called them fags ’cause that’s what they was
Too young to be playing with matches yet
The forbidden fruit has got peachfuzz

Hail hail the gang’s all here

My best friend had a crush on him
She made me promise not to tell
That’s how I knew she wanted me to
But I never did and it’s just as well
Girls will dress to impress
Boys pretend they don’t notice us
Kids get high but I don’t know why
Peachfuzz used to hang out with us

Hail hail the gang’s all here

Down on the corner at Ricky’s Place
I saw Peachfuzz thru the door
Gameboy had his arms around him
Fixing to kiss him just a little bit more
The apple tree’s got some strange fruit
Even Adam would not try
But human nature is living proof
Beauty’s in the beholder’s eye

Hail hail the gang’s all here
Hell, yeah, you heard me right
Peachfuzz stayed out late last night

Deep Natural / Dub Natural (Mighty Sound 2002)

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I thought, this looks like a fucking butcher’s shop. I am not gonna take this sitting down. So they come to get me and I start screamin’, and some cop is just beggin’ me to kick him in the balls. So I do.