Over the Waterfall

I thought I knew what I was doing
I was wrong
Mistakes I’ve made and lived to tell
I tell (C) them in a (G) song (D)

I (D) knew a river wide and deep
Her banks were very tall
At one end was a mountain stream
The (C) other was a wat (G) erfall, (D) boys (CGD)
The other was a waterfall

I (D) asked the old man by the river
He did not recall
The last attempt to ride a barrel
(C) Over the wat (G) erfall (D)

The ferry (D) boatman, he did tell me
That the chance was very small
None survived who went alive
(C) Over the water (G) fall, boys (D)
Over the waterfall

So I built (D) myself an oaken barrel
And inside I did crawl
I broke the record but I broke my back
Going over (C) the water (G) fall (D)

And now it’s been (D) my luck to live to tell
The only tale I can
It don’t hurt you when you fall
(C) Only (G) when you land (D), boys (CGD)
Only when you land

Arkansas Traveler (Mercury 1992) / Arkansas Traveler (Mighty Sound 2004)

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