Only a Lover

Holding on as only a lover can
I feel him slipping right through my hand
I’ve got to let him go, I’ve got to let it be
I’ve got to let him find some peace of mind


As only a lover, as only a lover
As only a lover, only a lover can

We’re on stolen time, it’s not ours to keep
Now lay in my arms and try to sleep
Put your trust in God, leave your hand to fate
We’ve got to hope and pray, we’ve got to watch and wait


Only love can bring such and leave such pain
Only love can take so much and still remain
Only love can die away, come back again
And take us where we’ve never been
Only love, only love, only love, only a lover can

Repeat Chorus

© Minstrel Cycle Music (ASCAP)/EMI Full Keel (ASCAP)

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There was no place whatsoever for a woman in the life and the world that Jack Kerouac described. And women were not going to be invited into it. So it’s sort of like crashing the party. I know I’m here unwelcome and I’m going to rewrite this history so I can be a part of it.