No Wonder

key of [G]

It’s no wonder the sun
Waits outside your window at the break of day
As if to say
“Come out to play, let’s have some fun”
And it’s no wonder, no wonder the sun

Foolish of me, I know
I did believe that chariots carried it high
Into the sky
But it’s your smile that makes it glow
And now I know
And it’s no wonder

No wonder under the sun
No wonder under the sun what makes it glow
And now I know
And it’s no wonder

When I look within
I can’t see living without your wonderful smile
Your wonderful smile makes it all worthwhile
As if to say
It’s no wonder it’s a wonderful day

Good News (Mood Swing 1998)

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No one’s ever been able to define blues. To me, blues is three chords and something to say. There’s a real temptation to think that blues is singing about misery and sorrow. It’s singing about your experiences, and what I find in blues is the message of hope and inspiration, because you may be singing about your misery, but the fact that you’re singing, that’s the real message.