No Wonder

key of [G]

It’s no wonder the sun
Waits outside your window at the break of day
As if to say
“Come out to play, let’s have some fun”
And it’s no wonder, no wonder the sun

Foolish of me, I know
I did believe that chariots carried it high
Into the sky
But it’s your smile that makes it glow
And now I know
And it’s no wonder

No wonder under the sun
No wonder under the sun what makes it glow
And now I know
And it’s no wonder

When I look within
I can’t see living without your wonderful smile
Your wonderful smile makes it all worthwhile
As if to say
It’s no wonder it’s a wonderful day

Good News (Mood Swing 1998)

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The real goal I’m working toward is to do something to help integrate the African and European influences of American music. I think at one time inthe history of popular music they were coming together naturally. The record companies have created a false sense of segregation. It may seem impossible to tear down, but it’s something I’m looking forward to as a life’s work.