Memories of East Texas

(G) Memories of East Texas
and those (C) piney green rolling (D) hills
Covered in the (G) springtime
With (C) golden (D) daffodils
(C) Rowing on Sandy (D) Lake come April
(G) Harvesting hay in (Em) June
(C) Sitting by the road watching well fires burn
By an old October (D) moon

I learned to drive on those
East Texas red clay backroads
And I mean to tell you my friends
They weren’t no easy roads
You had to watch out for all the curves
(G) Down by Kelsey (Em) creek
And (C) detour through the Lindsay’s pasture
When the water ran (D) too deep

(G) Memories of East Texas
And (C) Gilmer, county seat (D) of Upshur
(G)Looking back and asking myself
What the (C) hell’d you let them break (D) your spirit for?
Their (C) lives ran in circles so (D) small
They (G) thought they’d seen (Em) it all
And they (C) couldn’t make a place for
A girl who’d (D) seen the ocean

(G) But those memories of East Texas
Those (C) piney green rolling (D) (G) hills
Covered in the springtime
With (C) wild (D) daffodils
(C) Sitting in those Piney (D) Woods
(G) Playing my (Em) guitar
(C) Thinking back on the roads I’d come
Thinking I had (D) not come that far…

Short Sharp Shocked (Mercury 1988) / Short Sharp Shocked (Mighty Sound 2003)

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They did that big, lumbering dinosaur thing, acting with impunity. Fortunately, it was over an artistic principle. I don’t think I could have sustained the fight if it was just over more money or more contractual rights.