Making the Run to Gladewater

(G) Upshur County’s drier than an empty bottle
Since the (F) Mormon’s come to town
And to (C) run out of beer means a run to Gladewater
Highway 79 thirty miles on down

Now fair is fair but life’s a gamble
when it’s eleven forty five
And it’s a toss of the coin to see who’s got fifteen minutes
To make a thirty (G) minute drive

It was Saturday night
You was (F) sitting ’round the square
(C) Small town Texas sons (G) and daughters
But you lost the toss
That means (F) you’re taking up the money
That means (C) you’re making the run
Making the run
Making the run to (G) Gladewater

(G)Here’s what you do
You hustle all your buddies off
the back of your truck
You grab your girl, you say
c’mon lets….

Tuck your jeans in your boots
Tthat’s what you do
Slap your (F) gimme cap on
Turn the (C) country music radio station
louder (G) than you oughter

But it’s okay, you’re on (F) your way
You (C) lost the toss
you’re taking up the money
You’re making the run (G) to Gladewater

Run, boys

(G C G D C G)

(G) It’s 79 to the county line
And the (F) Minit Mart with not one to spare
And your (C) friends back in Gilmer
They’re your friends indeed
Why? Well, you got their money
and their six (G) pack of beer

(F) Making the run
(C) Making the run, making the run
Making the run (G) to Gladewater

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