Looks Like Mona Lisa

If she (Am) had it to do (G) all (Fmaj7) over again (E7)
(Am) It would be a pho (G) tograph
(Fmaj7) She would have a (E7) wide grin

(E7) But no, (Am) it was an (G) artist with a (Fmaj7) longing loving (E7) style
So (Am) when the paint was (G) dry all that re (Fmaj7) mained was a faint (E7) strange smile (Am)

She’s (Am) ripe with broken (G) dreams
Her lov (Fmaj7) ers never stay (E7)
It (Am) looks like Mona (G) Lisa is hav (Fmaj7) ing a bad (E7) day
(Am) Mona (G) Lisa’s hav (Fmaj7 )ing a bad (E7) day

“The Book of History
Has many missing pages”
Murmurs the Madonna
Of the Middle Ages
But inbetween her cracks
You can read between the lines
She’d love nothing better than
To rob the Louvre blind

Baroque and complicated
Her lover’s never stay
It looks like Mona Lisa
Is having a bad day
Mona Lisa is having a bad day
(Fmaj7) (So please just (E7) go a (Am) way)
(E7)(Just go away)
(E7)(Just go away)

Captain Swing (Mercury 1989) / Captain Swing (Mighty Sound 2004)

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