Laundry Day

key of [B]

When she hung the laundry out to dry
She squinted into a clear blue sky
But the weather’s changed and I know why
Like grease stains, rain clouds roll on by

Right as ruin, the raindrops fell
Big and juicy as a homeroom spitball
No time to try and get it all
Bring in the underpants and overalls

But left four sheets out on the line
‘Cause even ghosts gotta sleep sometime
Save one for the man who’s dying
I’m sure it weren’t for the lack of trying

Who can predict a hurricane
Without a single drop of rain
The wind is proud but the weather’s vain
And laundry day will never be the same

The storm clouds came but it was too late then
So they hung four sheets to the wind
When it blows over she’ll bring them in
They were only gonna get dry again

I don’t want to give the impression
This was your typical tropical depression
Some folks never seem to learn the lesson
So might I make this suggestion

I won’t say anything’s wrong
A riddle’s a riddle a song’s a song
In the summer heat, the hate is strong
So can’t we all just get along?

Artists Make Lousy Slaves (Mood Swing 1995)

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