Hello Hopeville

(A) Down at the Cold War Institute
They were signing new recruits
He went down to the station
In his three piece suit

She had (D7) cried for him to stay
Now there was nothing more to say
She was (A7) waving a white kerchief
As the train pulled away singing (E7)
Bye bye baby boy (D7)
I hope they treat (A7) well

It was another situation
As the train left the station
It was hello, Hopeville
I need a vacation

The (D7) world’s been cruel
This time she really let me down
I thought I’d (D7) go back to school
Try to clean up this town and now it’s (E7)
hello Hopeville
I (D7) know you’re gonna treat me (A7) well well well

Get gone!

(A7)Well well well looky here looky here
Well well well what have we got here

Got me a runaway kid
Got no money never did
Got the sense to come in
Out of the rain
He was (D7) waiting for a station just like
Some people wait (A7) for a train

And I’m singing (E7)
Bye bye baby boy (D7)
I hope they treat (D7) you well

Short Sharp Shocked (Mercury 1988) / Short Sharp Shocked (Mighty Sound 2003)

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