Hardly Gonna Miss Him

key of [Gb]

I’m hardly gonna miss him
Won’t notice he’s gone
You won’t catch me with the blues
Over some two-timing boozer
Hard-luck loser
Not me, boys
I’m wearing my dancing shoes

I’m hardly gonna miss him
Won’t notice he’s gone
I’ve put out my old welcome mat
And giving all I has to that
Old swing-time jazz
And dusting off my high-stepping hat

He’s gone
He’s gone
And I’ll tell you why
He don’t like to laugh
And I don’t like to cry
I tried to warn him
But he would not listen
That’s why
I’m hardly gonna miss him

Now I’m sitting here alone
At this old corner bar
Waiting on a hero
Wishing on a star
Someday I’m gonna leave this place
But for now
I’m gonna drink another round to old what’s-his-face

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (Mighty Sound 2005) / Texas Campfire Takes (Mighty Sound 2003)

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Not only has this whole mess been beneficial, but it’s been a blessing. Before this, my ambitions were never so great that I would have taken on a multinational corporation and come out feeling so confident and strong.