Hardcore Hornography

key of [A]

This is one blow job you won’t forget
Baby, I ain’t through with you yet
When that trumpet starts to play
Lay back and think of the U.S.A.

Pop the coochie!
Hump that rump!

Slip me a little more saxaphone
Grease me up some slide trombone
All my girlfriends say I’m spoiled
My man’s got the best valve oil

Give me a little bit of that pepper
Give me a little bit of that salt
Give me anything you’ve got
And I’ll throw it in the gumbo pot

Ah, looky there!
It’s a pubic hair
Will you looky there
It’s a pubic hair

I am a bitch for pitch
A ho for horn
A strumpet for trumpet
And hardcore corn
You are a pussy man
I am a horny girl
“And I say to myself
What a wonderful world!”

Good News (Mood Swing 1998)

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Because I wrote songs for the love of it for so long I can say ‘I am a songwriter and whether I make money from it or not, I’m still going to write songs because its one of my favorite things to do.’ The fact that it becomes a recording is secondary, it’s not a motivation.