Graffiti Limbo

(A) Lay down your (B) burdens
(A) Lay down your (B) cares
(A) The Holy (B) Virgin
She’s gonna (A) greet (G) you (E) up there

With a (A) big can (B) of spray paint
With a (A) big blank (B) wall
And I can (A) guaran-damn (B)-tee ya
There ain’t (A) no cops (G) around (E) at all

(A) Graffiti (B) Limbo
(A) Where do (B) you go?
(A) Graffiti (B) Limbo
When there (A) ain’t(G) no (E) justice

I only speak for myself
But the word around town
Is that something’s shaking
In the underground

I only (A) speak for (B) myself
But the (A) word on the (B) street
Is that the (A) writing’s on the (B) wall
And the (A) cops(G) on (E) the beat

I wrote this song for a man named Michael Stewart. A young black man
arrested while writing graffiti on a subway wall in New York City. And while
under arrest, surrounded by eleven white transit cops. Michael Stewart was
strangled to death and when his case went to court not one cop was found
guilty because the coroner lost the evidence. You see, in order to determine
that Michael Stewart was strangled to death, the coroner had to use Michael
Stewart’s eyeballs, his eyes, as evidence. So now when I tell you that it
was Michael Stewart’s eyes that the coroner lost, do you know what I mean
when I tell you that justice is blind?

You can (A) have your little (B) Style Wars
You can (A) keep your (B) little dance
But Those (A) Crazy(B) Writers
Don’t (A) stand a (G) ghost (E) of a chance

It’s (A) “Color Them (B) Cons” (Mayor Koch said)
(A) Call it a (B) crime
It’s (A) steer clear of (B) the engineer
Of (A) the (G) Midnight (E) Special Line

Short Sharp Shocked (Mercury 1988) / Short Sharp Shocked (Mighty Sound 2003)

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I walked along that slippery slope where if you fail through lack of faith, you sell your soul to the devil.