(Am) It was a red sun (G) rising (F) early in this (E) ghetto
(Am) A full moon (G) was rising (F) late last (E) night
But you would not know, no you were fast asleep
You only see this city in the broad daylight

Fogtown, I’m down and out on your streets
Oh I would run if I only had a place to run to

Her name was Ruby Red
She was a hard time hooker
She had a man named Juan
He tried to keep her clean
But late last night when the heroin took her
There was one less siren when the sirens reached the scene

When a city’s got the charms of a painted lady
When survival bites like a black-haired bitch
You can find yourself on the closest corner
You want to stay you want to go
You’ve got the Fogtown itch

Texas Campfire Tapes (Cooking Vinyl 1987) / Texas Campfire Takes (Mighty Sound 2003)
Short Sharp Shocked (Mercury 1988) / Short Sharp Shocked (Mighty Sound 2003)

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Very complicated truths are conveyed through very simple melodies.