Flying Lesson

Oh Best Beloved
With a little bit of patience
And imagination
We learn to fly
Now hold out your hands
Spread out your fingers
See how they are feathers
And your arms are wings

Now flap your wings
Flap, flap them two times
Flap, flap, flap three times
Now flap them four
Now close your eyes
Fly through the open window
Now catch a good headwind
And begin to soar

Now Best Beloved
You want to fly a little higher
Spread out your wings
Up over your head
Fly over the housetops
And all around the steeples
Look down at all the people
Pointing up at you

Look out for that storm cloud
Watch out for that aeroplane
Here comes a rainbow-oh-oh
There goes the rain
Now flap your wings
Flap, flap them two times
Flap, flap, flap three times
Oh flap them four

Now let’s fly home
Bring your wings to your side
Catch a good tailwind
And begin to glide
Fly in through the window
And open your eyes
Look all around you
Oh what a big surprise
Now clap your hands
Clap, clap them two times
Clap, clap, clap three times
Oh clap them four

Now stomp your feet
Stomp, stomp them two times
Stomp, stomp, stomp three times
Now stomp them four

Now keep your feet
Right there on the floor
Flying lesson is over, Best Beloved
When you leave, use the door

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No one’s ever been able to define blues. To me, blues is three chords and something to say. There’s a real temptation to think that blues is singing about misery and sorrow. It’s singing about your experiences, and what I find in blues is the message of hope and inspiration, because you may be singing about your misery, but the fact that you’re singing, that’s the real message.