Fever Breaks

key of [F#m]

Try and forget it yet it keeps you awake
Live to regret it when the fever breaks
Lighting up a cigarette even the slow hand shakes
But it’s a cold sweat when the fever breaks

If there is no light, if there is no end in sight
Then this just might not be a tunnel
If it were up to me, I wouldn’t make that mistake
But history repeats and then the fever breaks

I know what it’s like to feel fear
There’s been so much confusion
The point is never clear but make it without illusion
Call it an intrusion if you will, if that’s what it takes
It’s the sound of mind when the fever breaks

It’s all parlour talk at the dead man’s wake
Bring out the winding sheets when the fever breaks
A slow and painful death ends faster than the eye can see
Taking your last breath feels like eternity
Catching a cool breeze across a late summer lake
Feel the chill of autumn as the fever breaks

Kind Hearted Woman (Mood Swing 1994) / (Private Music 1996)

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No one’s ever been able to define blues. To me, blues is three chords and something to say. There’s a real temptation to think that blues is singing about misery and sorrow. It’s singing about your experiences, and what I find in blues is the message of hope and inspiration, because you may be singing about your misery, but the fact that you’re singing, that’s the real message.