Evacuation Route

key of [G]

Evacuation Route

Wake up wake up
Your mother said
Go tell your brother
Get up get out of bed
Get into the car
Just do as I say
She packed a few things
And then you drove away
This was no vacation
This was an evacuation

It’d been raining all week
You tried to keep
Watch on your mother
From the passenger seat
But no matter how you tried
To keep them wide
The windshield wipers
Kept blinking like sleepy eyes
Don’t you ever doubt
There’s more than one way out

There’s no need to scream or shout
We know what this is all about
Don’t you ever doubt
There’s more than one way out
Evacuation route

While you slept fast
The storm had passed
And you woke to the sound of wipers
Squeaking on dry glass
And your mother’s face
Showed no trace
Of the tears she’d cried
They were all erased
Don’t you ever doubt
Don’t you ever doubt

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (Mighty Sound 2005)
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Record Companies know how vulnerable creativity is and that the slightest attack can make artists feel like abused children and they’ll retreat. I refuse to look at them as my parents. I just look at them as equals in a power struggle.