Elaborate Sabotage

key of [C]

Elaborate sabotage
White collar crime
It’s all up to you
Where do you draw the line?
Don’t do the deed
If you can’t do the time
Elaborate sabotage

I knew a man who
Talked a lot about love
Came knocking at my front door
With his white kid gloves
Then went sneaking ’round to my back door
Just like the spider that he was
God only knows what he was thinking of

And now here you come calling
In my late afternoons
Conducting your affairs
In my bedroom
You linger in my mind
Just like some fine wine
Or cheap perfume
Weaving your web of trust
So you can sabotage the loom

Elaborate sabotage

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (Mighty Sound 2005)

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People used to say I had the starving artist look, but it was real. Not because I was anorexic or anything, but just because I didn’t have money for food. I did get ill but I had more of a mental illness than a physical illness.