Drip Dry

key of [Am]

I’ve been living with the pain so long
I’ve been gaining on you
I’m gaining on you all the time
What did not kill me made me stronger
If I live any longer I know I’m gonna blow sky high
I drip dry

You can watch and wish me well, it’s true but
Who can really tell what’s gonna
Make or break a woman inside
The secret to my power comes in my darkest hour
I fall down on my knees and I cry
I drip dry

It’s true I never learned to pray in an ordinary way
I must say this, I will never deny
When my soul is in despair I say this little prayer
I say tell me why, Lord, tell me why
I drip dry

Someday my heart is gonna stop
I’m standing at the top of a mountain I never thought I could climb
And on the other side love is not divided
I put my troubles out on the line
I drip dry

Artists Make Lousy Slaves (Mood Swing 1995)

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They gave me a shot of Thorazine, a real fascist drug. Your neck’s going like this [she flaps her head in an ugly untogether fashion] and if youdidn’t think you were crazy before, you’ll think you’re crazy then. It’s what you call a mental straitjacket – much more liberal than a straitjacket you can see.