Drip Dry

key of [Am]

I’ve been living with the pain so long
I’ve been gaining on you
I’m gaining on you all the time
What did not kill me made me stronger
If I live any longer I know I’m gonna blow sky high
I drip dry

You can watch and wish me well, it’s true but
Who can really tell what’s gonna
Make or break a woman inside
The secret to my power comes in my darkest hour
I fall down on my knees and I cry
I drip dry

It’s true I never learned to pray in an ordinary way
I must say this, I will never deny
When my soul is in despair I say this little prayer
I say tell me why, Lord, tell me why
I drip dry

Someday my heart is gonna stop
I’m standing at the top of a mountain I never thought I could climb
And on the other side love is not divided
I put my troubles out on the line
I drip dry

Artists Make Lousy Slaves (Mood Swing 1995)

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I told the executives at Mercury, ‘Hey, you’re dealing with an artist who can do gospel in very surprising ways.’ They asked me, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to make an acoustic album?’