Can’t Take My Joy

key of [Gm]

Jealousy and anger
Greed and hypocrisy
The seasons of human nature
Can’t take my joy from me

Joy Joy Joy Hallelujah

Crucified my Savior
On a hill for all to see
He rose up three days later
Can’t take my joy from me

Went up on a mountaintop
Looking for the victory
I found it in the valley low
Can’t take my joy from me

In this world but of this world
I will never be
I lift my eyes to glory
Can’t take my joy from me

Good News (Mood Swing 1998)  / Deep Natural / Dub Natural (Mighty Sound 2002)

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No one’s ever been able to define blues. To me, blues is three chords and something to say. There’s a real temptation to think that blues is singing about misery and sorrow. It’s singing about your experiences, and what I find in blues is the message of hope and inspiration, because you may be singing about your misery, but the fact that you’re singing, that’s the real message.