180 Proof

key of [G]

You’ve got nothing to prove to me
You don’t owe me a thing
Take your nickel
Take your dime
Take your dollar
Take your own sweet time
Take the bottle from the shelf
Take the blame upon your self

I never lied to you baby
But now I’m telling you the truth
You know, I never could be sure
But now I’ve got 180 proof
You only cut me til I bleed
Now I’ve got all the proof I need

Just give me one good reason
Why you had to treat me so bad
You just lost your temper
I know you just lost the best thing you ever had
You ain’t got but one excuse
I’ve got 180 proof

Mexican Standoff (Mighty Sound 2005)

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I told the executives at Mercury, ‘Hey, you’re dealing with an artist who can do gospel in very surprising ways.’ They asked me, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to make an acoustic album?’