Album Name

The Texas Campfire Tapes

Short Sharp Shocked


If Love Was A Train


When I Grow Up

Captain Swing

On The Greener Side

My Little Sister

Silent Ways/My Little Sister/Mona Lisa

Looks Like Mona Lisa

The Captain Swing Revue


Come A Long Way

33RPM Soul

Krispy Korn Flakes

Arkansas Traveler  

A Few Notes On The Arkansas Traveler

The Facts And The Fiction

Kind Hearted Woman (limited edition)

Artists Make Lousy Slaves (limited edition)

Kind Hearted Woman


The Hard Way

Mercury Poise: 1988-1995

Good News (limited edition)

Dub Natural

Deep Natural                       

The Texas Campfire Takes (reissue)


Michelle Shocked DVD (limited edition)

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Got No Strings

Mexican Standoff                


Soul of My Soul

Release Date

album Nov 1986

album Aug 1988

single  and video 1988

single Dec 1988

single 1988

single and video 1989

album Oct 1989

single and video 1989

single and video 1989

single 1989

promo 1990

video 1990

promo May 1990

single and video 1992

single 1992

promo 1992

album 7 Apr 1992

promo video 1992

promo 1992

album 25 Mar 1994

album Apr 1996

album 15 Oct 1996

single 1996

promo 1996

collection 22 Oct 1996

album Feb 1998

album 7 Mar 2001

album Apr 2002

album Apr 2003

collection Oct 2004

collection Oct 2004

album 13 Jun 2005

album 13 Jun 2005

album 13 Jun 2005

album 14 Sep 2007

album Jan-Feb 2009



My music has a lot of humor but I keep getting compared to humorless women.