Having Trouble with Your MP3?

Internet congestion is the most common cause of download failures.
Try again later during non-peak hours. Avoid lunch time and early evening.

If you are an AOL user and you are disconnected part way through the download, try again later when AOL isn't as busy.

If you have two browsers installed, try using the other browser.

Still Having Problems?

There are a few different processes, depending on how your player is set up. After you click on the song’s link, the song should either save itself automatically to a temporary directory, or a personal folder or directory on your hard drive. Or you might get a pop-up prompting you to "Open the file" or "Save to Disk." In this case, choose "Save to Disk." Your computer will then ask you where you would like to save the file. Choose a destination you can remember so you can find the MP3 later.

Netscape: When you click on the song, Netscape's audio player will pop up. Right-click on the audio player and choose "Save As..." Name the file (keep the ".mp3" extension!) and save to your hard drive.

Right-click the song's link (For Macintosh, hold down the Option key and click or click and hold), select Save Link As or Save Target As, name the file (be sure to keep the .mp3 extention in the name) and click save. You might also need to configure or "fine-tune" your browser settings.


Special Instructions for Downloading MP3s on a MAC

Netscape (with QuickTime Plug-In): The song you choose may automatically play; if it does not, Netscape will prompt you to select an application to play it -- choose QuickTime. When the song opens, select "Save As..." from the File menu, and "Source" from the Format list. Name the file (keep the ".mp3" extension!) and save to your hard drive.

<>Internet Explorer: Clicking on the desired sound file automatically opens it for playing. Choose "Save As..." from the File menu, and either "MP3 File" from the Format list. Name the file (using the ".mp3" extension), and save to your hard drive.

If you downloaded the file but it won't play, try giving it a different name. As an example, change "ms_goodnews_01_goodnews.mp3" to "goodnews.mp3". If you have iTunes, try importing and converting.

Still can't download? Send E-mail describing your problem in as much detail as you can.

Wondering When Your Order Will Arrive?

If you live inside the U.S., please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

All shipments outside the U.S. can take up to 4 weeks to reach your door.

If your order is late, please E-mail us. Tell us what you ordered, your name and your order number (if you still have it).



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